Seasonal Glass Vase - Florist Choice

Seasonal Glass Vase - Florist Choice

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A beautiful Hello Petal Pick floral bouquet presented in our signature clear glass vase, the perfect easy to care for gift to show your love. 

Our vases are available in a few different sizes, are a selection of florals chosen by our Flower Gals that will be made up of lush foliages and a textural mix of fresh seasonal florals. Basically we will send out on your delivery exactly what we would love to have in our own homes, chosen from the days market haul. 

Our XXL size is, as the name suggests, a large floral bouquet, in a large vase. Its large. Its a show of BIG love. 

Please note the flowers are not going to be exactly the same as the picture - we will select a collection of pastel blooms that are in season, and make them with lots of love.