Sweet Scents Collection – Hello Petal Flowers
Sweet Mama Hamper
Add ons for 'Even more Beautiful'

Sweet Scents Collection


A collection of our faves in our version of a 'Hamper', our is in our stone cement pot instead of a daggy wicker basket.

Made up of the sweetest smelling, and tasting Hello Petal faves, including a MAPLE Soap (Sydney), Myrtle and Moss hand Cream (VIC) and a Mason and Soy Candle (NSW South Coast) - All small Aussie and all hand made products. Like I said, our Faves products (and the people who made them with love).   

To make it more spesh, make it extra fancy to 'Even More Beautiful Collection' and add in a KOKOPOD Chocolate (QLD) and Sow n' Sow Seeds (VIC) that can be planted into the pot! CUTE!