Friday 8th June - Plant Dispatch – Hello Petal Flowers
Wrapped Plant // Plant Dispatch
Upgraded Pot and Plant // Plant Dispatch
Friday 8th June - Plant Dispatch

Friday 8th June - Plant Dispatch


This is our plant version of our famous POSY DAY, weclome to the PLANT DISPATCH

This is our PLANT DISPATCH POP UP // Friday 8th June 

This is our first little plant pop up special we are doing to bring some green to the world for this chilly little winter that has just begun! It’s a super little gesture for you to surprise your loved one with. For $35 we have a selection of great 'easy to care for because we all have many other things happening in our lives' indoor plants. We will deliver it to your mate/date/mum/exgirlfriend - who ever you like - did you hear? That includes the delivery...yep. 

We have 2 options - our wrapped plant (in plastic container, and wrapped) is our standard offering, or you can upgrade into a ceramic planter! Up to you! 


Delivery all over the Illawarra! 

PLEASE NOTE the ordering page will give you the option for the delivery date, but the only day these are available will be FRIDAY 8th JUNE - so thats when it will go out.