Neutrals Low Lying Concrete Pot

Neutrals Low Lying Concrete Pot

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A selection of our signature foliages arranged with a mix of White, Cream, Green and Neutral Tones in a round low lying concrete bowl to create this seasonal garden mix. 

Made into our low lying concrete bowl created lovingly in our 'Hello Petal' style for an easy to look after gift, that doesn't need to find a vase, it already has a home in beautiful vessel - which can be reused and potted up with a favourite plant for the house later on, a nice little keepsake. 

Chosen for the beautiful tones and our 'Hello Petal' signature textures, a mix of soft delicate florals that will give the warm and fuzzies. 

Upgrade to ‘More Beautiful’ for even more florals to really make a statement. 

PLEASE NOTE // All of our florals are seasonal, so this means that the florals may not match the picture exactly, this is our inspiration colour palette. Flowers are a product of nature, so depending on what Mother Nature is up to, it will dictate what we get our hands on. Please be aware of this condition.