Crisp White and Green in Tribal Black Pot

Crisp White and Green in Tribal Black Pot

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A selection of white and green florals with our signature foliages arranged into a black and beige textured pot. The crisp classic look of whites in flowers is a combination that suits all home decors. 

Very well suited to somber occasions to let loved ones know you are thinking of them. Particularly at times when recipients will be potentially be receiving multiple gifts, a flower arrangement in a vessel are the perfect easy to look after gesture. 

These are perfect for an easy to look after gift, that doesn't need to find a vase, it already has a home in the cute pot - which can be reused and potted up for the garden later on, a nice little keepsake. 

The pot design can vary between the three pictured.  

Upgrade to ‘More Beautiful’ for even more florals to really make a statement. 

Please note:  we are a seasonal florist, so the picture is to be used as a guide. We will do our best, but flowers are seasonal, so we will chose the appropriate replacement if we couldn’t get our hands on it.