Nitty Gritty

Seasonal Flowers - We are the little flower shop that doesn't follow recipes, so we create our florals differently and with ever changing ingredients, depending on the time of year, availability and what special goodies we picked up at the market that morning, early, early that morning.  If you are looking for something special like a fave flower or colour, and you didn't see it listed in our online offering, give us a bell on (02) 4284 5831 and we can do our best to help you out. 
Deliveries - All our flowers are gift wrapped with water, so the flowers wont be thirsty for the commute, they are still drinking. If the recipient isn’t home, the flower courier will leave them in a safe spot at the front door for when the lucky duck comes home. If the courier is unable to locate the house, deems the house or yard unsafe to enter (dogs, building site etc), has received the wrong address, or can not gain access to the property they will return the delivery to the shop, and if redelivery is required this will incur a redelivery fee. We will do all we can to avoid this situation, but if there is a circumstance beyond our control, this is our policy. Please be aware.
Care - We always recommend fresh water everyday, this is the best thing we can do to make sure the flowers live their best life. Fresh cuts are also great to help them drinking. Of course keeping flowers in a room that is cool is ideal, they get upset if they are near the heater, so the cooler the better. Please keep in mind that flowers are like fruit, some florals have a longer vase life (or fruit bowl life) than others, but most flowers will last between 4 – 7 days – so make sure you do your bit to help them out. Arrangements in our pots need to be topped up with water to make sure that the floral foam is wet and the flowers are still drinking, a dash of water every couple of days is just what they will need.
Issues - We will do all we can to sort out any issues, and in the case of not being able to fulfil the order, we will reject it. We would much rather communicate issues with you and make sure you get what it is your after, and if we can't, we would rather you know. Keep us in the loop, lets sort it out together, we are all people.