Mothers Day Florals 2020

Due to an overwhelming showing of love to all the Mama's in the Illawarra and the current conditions in the flower industry we have currently stopped taking flower orders for the rest of this week (6th May - 10th May).

I have written a little blog about it, but the main issue is that there just isn't enough flowers - so instead of getting caught out, we have capped our flower deliveries - we do have some plants and hampers available still, so hopefully there is something that might suit. 

If we have the product to do so, we may restock, but keep an eye on our social media on Friday Night to see if we have had a new release. 

We are sorry, these are strange times, but if you can't get loo roll in the shops, we understand how hard the growers are working for us to have any flowers at all! We love our growers for giving us the beauty we get to play with. 

Thank you for your on going support of our little flower shop, it means a lot to us Flower Gals. 

Take care and stay safe. 

Mel x