Why are you telling me I cant be picky with the exact flowers I'm after?

If you are looking for roses, or anything that is in high demand or isn't currently in season here in NSW, there may be a teenie tiny issue for you. If you are having issues at Woolies getting loo roll, you may also have a problem getting the blooms you may have been used to. 

So, this is a little explanations of a couple of the reasons why flexibility goes a long way in the flower game.

Local Growers

We have some AMAZING local families that grow our blooms. Mum's, Dad's Kids. Growing our flowers! And they are homeschooling at the same time. Imagine. We are continuing to support the growers that helped grow our business. 

They produce seasonal flowers, so flowers that grow in their specific season, for example, April and May yield AMAZING Chrysanthemums, so this is when they are at the peak, blooming and plentiful. They grow well in the cool highlands of NSW, so we take advantage of their beauty and use them until they're gone, and then enjoy the next thing to pop up out of the earth. 

No International Passenger Flights  

So what, Mel? What does not going on holidays have to do with flowers? WELL... while you are sitting up in Economy (or business class, if your fancier than I will ever be!) enjoying a vino and catching up on all the movies you missed in the last 6 months, below you, with your luggage, can be boxes and boxes and boxes of fresh cut flowers. 

So, no flights moving around, no cargo moving around, no flowers moving around. And the flowers that ARE coming in are CRAZY expensive now, because they are riding up top where the people should be! Not joking. I've seen pictures of all the rows full of boxes, and the over head compartments too, the producers over seas still have the crops that they planted months ago to sell, it's a very hard time for the industry world wide. Buying out flights to fill with flowers is a very costly exercise. Imagine. 

Now if you have never thought about where your blooms come from, this might be a good time to think about it and ask the question. The international product can often be lines that grow better over seas, cheaper over seas, but mainly, that we are able to access product all year round, the importers and wholesalers chase the seasons around the globe. 

So don't expect to see the same thing in your bunch from your birthday in April to your anniversary in November. Its just not how things work! 

Its Nature and We Can't Control It 

Well, this is the lesson that we have learnt the hardest of all in the last 12 months. The drought, the bushfires, the extreme heat. This has all effected crops, and we are seeing this in crop losses and producers pivoting to adapt to whats happening in their areas. When you check in with a grower and ask how they are going and they respond with 'Just send rain please' what can you do other than support them by buying the products the managed to save. 


By supporting the local producers, we are keeping the money we spend close by, we are keeping the industry more sustainable and being aware of our foot print. There is so much more to the bunch than meets the eye. 

We have elected to keep our offering as refined as we could as we saw the changes from the Australian Government moving towards us, as we are so glad that it was received with open arms by our customers via our website and over the phone. We were just unsure what the supply chain was going to look like, and we are happy to have found our grove in a rollercoaster of a time. It wasn't easy, but we have now got a new way to operate, and we are so grateful. So keep our mind open and the flower shop will have your back.