Tips For Sending Birthday Flowers


Flowers are beautiful gifts from nature. When it comes to picking the right flower, the myriad of options available makes selection difficult. This is because flowers have a fantastic look. However, some categories are distinguished. 

We have handpicked some lovely flowers that are sure to make your partner, friend or loved one happy on their birthday.

For that romantic expression of love wrapped up in a flower gift, the legendary red roses are timeless. However, should you love to give a flower to your girlfriend on special days like Valentine's or into a new relationship, any colour of roses is best.

Meaning is attached to every colour when it comes to roses. Consult a flower specialist (like us!) or research before you choose a rose. For instance, red roses symbolise love and are a great romantic gift. 

  • To express care and affection, pink roses are your go-to. 
  • Yellow roses symbolise friendship. 
  • White roses represent purity and innocence. 
  • Rainbow-coloured roses symbolise excitement, fun and joy.
  • Positivity and happiness are associated with lilies.
  • Orchids represent love, strength and beauty. 

What flowers are best for birthdays?

Choosing a flower for a birthday comes down to the kind of relationship you have with the person you are gifting them to. You should also know what each kind of flower and their colour have meaning. The essence of this is that flowers are silent yet powerful expressions of thoughts.

A little digging into the meaning of colours and flowers will help you choose the right flower for that special someone.

Understanding flower colours

Colours affect the human mind. People react differently to various colours. When it comes to a romantic relationship, dealing with loved ones and friends, every shade of flower has a meaning.  

Your partner may love their favourite colour of a flower. Perhaps, you have observed that giving your loved one yellow flowers makes their day bright. The season can also influence the choice of flower colour. For example, in the cold months, you can pick a bouquet that expresses kindness and warmth. During summer, a colour of a flower that exudes energy is ideal.

Your bouquet may contain a single type of flower or multiple flower types. It could be mono-colour or multicoloured.

Understanding the meaning of flower types

Natural-looking flowers are simply stunning. Be that as it may, you need to know your flowers. This is important because when you give out flowers, you are sending a message. 

It would be erroneous to send out flowers that depict something different from your heart's message.

The person getting flowers can typically decode the message the flower bouquet is carrying. This is where an understanding of flowers comes in. It might interest you to know that even if your loved ones are not grounded in flowers, the energy these beautiful plants carry is evident.

  • Black flowers are not ideal as a birthday gift.
  • Giving red flowers is a symbol of love, passion, respect and romance. It's best for a romantic partner.
  • Pink flowers relay admiration, happiness and appreciation. You can give this to your kids or family members to celebrate their birthdays.
  • For friends' birthday, pink and yellow roses are a great idea.
  • For your sister, mum or grandma, bright, cheerful flowers like tulips, lilies, wildflowers or daisies are a good birthday gift.
  • Even a live plant that signifies a growing and blossoming relationship can be gifted to someone whose presence in your life and friendship is cherished by you.
  • A bouquet of Gladiolus flower exudes infatuation. Give your wife or girlfriend this flower to symbolise the strength, honour and character in your relationship.
  • Gerberas are a symbol of cheerfulness and innocence. Generally, this flower can be given to women of all ages. You can liven up your friend's birthday with a bouquet of gerberas.

Customised your card

Adding a specially written note to your carefully selected flower is an all-time thriller. What you pen down in the card should narrate the message the flower carries. The first few lines should create a good impression. The entire story should be appealing because it creates a lasting effect.

Your customised card can also lead to a follow-up phone call, an invite to dinner, or a vacation. Just keep your card message real, natural and simple.

Choose your flower source carefully

There are so many local flower stores and shops from which you can buy a lovely bouquet. You can even get it online. Choose an option that's reliable and trustworthy.

Online florists are great for delivery, quality and budget. But ensure you study their rates, delivery areas, and testimonials before making a choice.


Surprise your loved one with an exciting birthday plant. You can add wine, chocolate, hamper, or a bottle of bubbly to your flower gift. It feels great to give and receive flowers. Let us help you with your choice and selection. Get in touch with us today or place your order easily online and we will make sure the recipient feels special on their birthday.