The Flower Shop is OPEN

Well, what a bloody time 2020 has been. 

We are so grateful that we have been able to mostly continue our trade, in a different way to usual, but still doing our thing! We moved into onloine and phone orders only to limit our contact, slowing down that curve we heard to much about. We deconstructed our retail shop to begin using the space that would usually be for customers, to make more work space. You know, to be covidsafe!

But now, we worked hard, and now the stage was set to welcome back our flower friends back into little flower shop!

We are so grateful for all the understanding in our decision to move online only and temporarily close the shop doors. It was a tough decision to make, I bawled my eyes out as I put the signs up in the windows. And couldn’t stop.

But, I got on with it, and with the amazing gals I get to work beside everyday (now, at a 1.5 metre distance 😉) and our lovely flower boy, we were tasked with the honour of bridging the gap between grandchildren and their grandparents, wedding guests and the supposed-to-be bride and groom, the 11th person on a 10 person guest list for their loved ones funeral service.

We wrote messages of love, of hope when things were so so unknown, and a lot of ‘F**k the ‘Rona’ messages. We were tasked with conveying what we couldn’t do in person, and we executed it with as much love as we could, in tricky circumstances for us all.

Thank you for the support. From my family to yours, thank you. See you in the flower shop, from a distance and no hugs, but we can elbow bump if you wanna xx