Plants are the answer to Lock Down 2.0 for Wollongong


So we meet again, the lock down blues. A two week lockdown order is here just in time for the NSW school holidays, so we are stuck in the house, with children, waiting on every press conference to tell us if our efforts are working with each number count. Having closed our shop to walk in shoppers, we have scrambled and we have come up with a little idea!

The panic buying has happened, the wrong kind of panic buying if you ask me, toilet paper? Why?

PLANTS! PLANTS is what we want to be filling our houses with. The joy of looking at, styling, caring for and also propagating a plant is so much more satisfying that stacking 2 years worth of bog roll, surely? 

We have tried to do our bit by getting as many of our plants and pots up online and sharing a discount code for FREE SHIPPING when you use the code LOCKDOWN - Check out our collection here. This over is valid until 11.59pm 30th June 2021