Mother's Day 2020, during the era of the COVID

What do you do for mum when you cant see her!? 

We seem to have been spending our time during this COVID-19 lockdown helping out lots of people asking a similar question to that one. The restriction of not being able to see the ones we love, even ya mum, has been so hard for so many. 

We have made some changes to our day-to-day running of our little flower shop - extra delivery drivers, extra flower gals, extra suppliers. We have been working hard. All at the same time making sure that all the rules are being followed, for the safety of us all, and you all. Making sure we are able to delivery Mother's Day Flowers all over the Illawarra. 

Our retail shop will be closed for the Mother's Day weekend and will only be used as a studio space, so no retail walk ins (as it has been from the start of March) or pick ups. This is what we have decided is best for us, we know it wont suit everyone.  

We are doing the knock and run - but these days it's a professional move. Minimising the amount of contact to keep everyone comfortable, so we will leave the flowers on the doorstep and enjoy the 'Thaaaaaaaank yooooooou' we hear coming down the driveway. 

We have a collection of our favourite products from local made chocolates and candles, to tea blends made in regional NSW. Bubbles, hand creams, soaps - amazing hampers all made up ready to go, beautiful on their own, or complimented with a bouquet of flowers.

Here's our curated collection to browse.  

We are looking forward to helping spoil the mums, ma's, grans, grandmas, nanas, and motherly ladies in our lives. 

Mel x