Living Gifts For Style & Well-being

The benefits of having an abundance of greenery in our homes transcend beyond the aesthetic importance. Besides beautifying the house, adding a touch of elegance and nature to the indoor environment, these living gifts also purify the air quality in the home, making it healthier and safe. Even more, the presence of living plants in our homes is beneficial to our mental health. 


Living Gift - Potted Peace Lily


Seeing the effects of the pandemic in the previous year, we can all agree that we need some of the benefits of having a potted plant in one or more areas in our home. On the bright side, these mini plants will not only serve aesthetic benefits in the house but will also lift your mood at all times. 

Ways to achieve style and well-being with indoor plants

Choosing a houseplant for yourself or as a gift for someone can be a considerable challenge. This is more so when you do not know what kind of light someone has in their home or how dedicated they will be to keeping a plant alive. Fortunately, ever since covid-19 hit, most people have been working from home, and as such, a much-needed change to the house would be needed. The primary emphasis on houseplants is the health benefits they bring and the improvement of indoor air quality. 

While the challenge lies in choosing a suitable houseplant, you can always explore endless options with the proper guidance. When put to good use, the guide can help you pick gorgeous as well as dreamy plants for your home. 

Remember that when making your choice, you should pick one that defines your personality and, at the same time, catches your fancy. For example, you can start with luscious ivy plants if you are looking to jazz up a room like a study or home office space. When you combine this mixture of plants, they will look aesthetically pleasing hanging from the windows, shelf, or fireplace. 

For beginners

If you are a beginner or you have little experience with real indoor plants, the potted Peace Lily is a good recommendation. This indoor plant makes beautiful accessories for the home, and even better, they are pretty much indestructible. Furthermore, while most plants release oxygen only when they are photosynthesising, they release oxygen all the time, making it an ideal choice to maintain good indoor air quality. Finally, they do not require constant attention, as they can survive even though they are neglected. This makes them very easy to maintain. 

For plant enthusiasts

There are a group of people who are way past the snake plant or the sansevieria. These people have already mastered beginner plants and could either be plant hobbyists or just plain enthusiasts. In this case, the perfect plant for this group of people is the Mini Monstera. The amazing feature of this plant is that each spike turns into a beautiful new leaf. This means that you or the person you are gifting them to can enjoy this little beauty for a long time.  

Finally, you can never go wrong with the Syngonium. They look incredible near a window or any item of furniture. They are easy to care for and propagate, and come in many different colours, making them addictive to collect!

Keep your home or office space beautiful and aesthetically sound and enjoy those benefits of plants, especially indoor living plants. 


Hello Petal Flowers offers a range of living gifts, perfect as a gift or for your own home or office. Let us know if you need a hand making a selection online or in store.