How to make fresh flowers last longer 

Flowers make any space more beautiful and welcoming. It could be frustrating to see your fresh flowers whither within a short while.


They can die off quickly because there is no root to provide the nutrients flowers need to continue blooming. 

Keeping your flowers fresh goes beyond cutting the stems and letting them look pretty in the corner of your room. There are different ways to ensure your flowers last longer, using these general care tips to extend the viability of fresh flowers.

Care tips for fresh flowers

With the following care tips, you can prolong the lifespan of your fresh flowers, keep your room more attractive for a longer time, and not have to worry about a trip to your local supplier within a few days. 


Prep correctly. 

Trimming the ends of the stems of fresh flowers before putting them in the vase is common knowledge, but using scissors for the trimming can damage your flowers. While trimming your fresh flowers, use secateurs, gardening snips or a sharp non-serrated knife to cut about 3cm from the bottom of the stem. Ensure you cut the stem at a 45 degrees angle.

If you get your flowers from a florist, the stems will already be cut, so your flower will be good for some days. You still have to cut the stem after a few days to expose a fresh part of the stem to water. 

Before you place the flower in the vase, remove leaves that may be submerged in water because it can breed bacteria which will cause quick withering of your flowers. Ensure you check the flower every day to remove loose or dead petals as these leaves may rot, introducing bacteria to the flower. 

Provide nutrients.

Your fresh flower needs nutrients to survive. Adding one teaspoon of sugar to the water in your flower vase gives the flowers nutrients, and looks fresher for a longer time. You could also add a quarter cup of lemonade to the water in the vase to sustain flowers for longer. 

Although sugar nourishes the flower, it also feeds the bacteria. This makes the water in the vase cloudy and can make your flower wither quickly, but some household additives can combat this sugar effect. 

Choose the right container to store your flowers.

Choosing the right vase for your flowers is important if you want the flowers to remain fresh for a longer time. You want the clipped stem of your flowers to fit perfectly in the vase's mouth. If the container is narrow, it may squish your flower's stem, and if the box is wide, your flower arrangement will not look nice.  

Different types of vases are available. You could opt for a short, stocky vase or a tall, showy one, depending on the kind of flowers you intend to put in the vase.  

Remove dying flowers

    After some time, flowers in the arrangement will turn dark or fade, regardless of how well you care for the flower. Remove the wilted or dying flowers to salvage the remaining flowers in your arrangement. The dead flowers can contaminate the rest and cause mould to grow, causing the remaining flowers to wither quickly.  


    Place your flowers in the right spot.

      Placing your flowers in the right spot can make them last longer. Your flowers will remain fresh if you put them in a shaded and cool area that receives direct sunlight. Keep your flowers away from fruits in the kitchen because fruits produce ethylene gas which withers flowers.  

      Long-lasting flowers

      Where you buy your flowers may affect their longevity. Adequately prepped flowers from a florist usually last longer than those brought from a street vendor or supermarket.

      At Hello Petal Flowers, your local florist, we will always arrange the flowers and cut the stems properly.  Contact us today to order your fresh and long-lasting flowers today.