Contactless Delivery for Hello Petal Flowers

Corona Virus and COVID-19 have unfortunately become part of the day to day life of Australians, along with the rest of the world. This poses both health and economical threats to lots of families and small businesses, such as ours. 

I, along with so many other flower shops and other businesses in Australia, want to ensure you that we are doing our part to make sure we are doing the things we need to do. We are ensuring increased hand washing, bench cleaning, and all tools and work areas are being sanitised more regularly. All staff are aware that their health is paramount and will not be attending work if unwell, and we ask this of all our visitors to the shop also. If you are sick, get the heck out. Order online. Go rest. 

To ensure the safety of both our staff and couriers, and the recipient of your gift, we have implemented a 'Knock and Go' delivery procedure. A couple of months ago this would have been deemed rude, but these days it's very necessary. All our flowers are wrapped with water, and will be sitting pretty for when your recipient gets to the front door. 

This is an unprecedented issue for the world, and is very over whelming for myself, as a human, but also as a small business owner. I feel that I have a responsibility to the six amazing women who join me in creating beauty in this little shop. A responsibility to keep them safe and supported, but also to keep them in a job - this has been the scariest and most testing time as a GirlBoss. 

As long as the guidelines allow us to trade in our Bricks and Mortar Daisy St store and we deem it possible, we will. But, of course, the best option is to give us a bell at the shop, or jump onto our website and pick a winner! 

Elbow bumps to you all, thank you for your ongoing support, and stay safe and look out for each other - make sure your neighbour has loo roll, its the right thing to do.  

Mel x